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In-home care has always been popular, but with thanks to the CDPAP in NY State (and similar programs around the country), it’s more practical than ever as well.

CDPAP is a Medicaid program that provides services to people with a medical need for skilled nursing services and/or ADLs (activities of daily living). CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program” and it allows consumers to choose their own caregivers from friends, family, neighbors. Caregivers don’t need special certifications and are paid for their time and services. Every situation is different, but here are the top 4 reasons people are choosing CDPAP instead of in-home aide services.

No “Getting to Know You” Learning Curve
When you choose a professional agency to provide in-home services, it means many new people enter your life. It’s natural to have a “getting to know you” learning curve. Whether that’s a new aide learning the layout of your home, your cultural practices, or your preferences for how things are arranged in your home it can take time to feel comfortable with an in-home aide.When you can choose your own caregiver through CDPAP, you can select someone you already know, like, and trust. It’s easier for you and for them since you aren’t learning every little thing about each other and the caregiving situation from scratch.

Support the People Already Providing Care
As we already mentioned, the caregiver(s) you choose with CDPAP may already be providing care on a regular basis. In the case of an adult child supporting a parent, it’s likely they will continue to offer support even if an in-home aide is hired. Why not provide compensation to them for the care they are already giving to better support both the consumer and the caregiver?

Less Disruption Means More Normalcy
One of the most valuable gifts a family dealing with chronic illness can get is a sense of normalcy. It’s why organizations like Make-A-Wish often have such a big impact. In having a wish granted, the whole family feels special in a normal way. Doctors, care, and medications aren’t in the spotlight, the experience is. On a smaller scale, CDPAP allows consumers to create a routine that feels more normal than disruptive. You can see the people you want to see and receive care the way you choose, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Maintain Control
When you work with a home health aide, you often feel out of control. They have other regular clients, the agency might ask them to help with even more clients when another aide is on vacation, they may have restrictions as to what services they can offer when they visit or how long they can stay.CDPAP puts the consumer back in control. You choose your caregiver or caregivers. You choose the schedule. Caregivers in CDPAP only have one client, so they can focus on you.

Interested in learning more about the CDPAP program? Special Touch Home Care has been providing professional in-home care services for over 40 years and is proud to act as a fiscal intermediary (we support you in your application, process payments, and more). Enroll online and see if you qualify for the CDPAP program.

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