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The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP, is a powerful program for those who require in-home care but prefer not to hire a professional nurse or home aide.

Before you start the CDPAP process, here’s what you need to know:

  1. It’s a New York State Medicaid Program
    Other states may offer similar programs, but you can only use CDPAP if the person requiring care is based in New York State AND is eligible for Medicaid.
  2. You’ll Need a Doctor’s Note
    Before care can begin a Physician’s Order for Services must be sent to a district office. Then, a social and nursing assessment is completed. Finally, a nurse assessor decides if the applicant is approved and makes a recommendation for service quantity, duration, and frequency.
  3. There’s a Lot of Paperwork
    The program is designed to empower those who need care, but it also puts a burden of record keeping on the consumer. Aside from the responsibility of selecting, training, and (potentially) terminating a caregiver, the consumer (or their representative) is responsible for arranging backup coverage as needed, along with keeping payroll records and managing any other services related to care.
  4. It’s Best to Have a Designated Representative Ready
    One of the significant requirements of CDPAP (aside from requiring care and being eligible for Medicaid) is that the consumer must be “willing to make informed choices regarding the management of the services they receive.” The CDPAP program also allows for a “Designated Representative” (DR) to make those decisions. A DR must be a legal guardian, designated relative, or adult over 21 who is able and willing to help make informed choices. While the consumer may not need a DR at the time care begins, it’s better to have a plan as to who will take on this responsibility, since the caregiver cannot act as the DR.
  5. You Can Do It All Yourself, But You Don’t Have To. If this sounds like a lot to navigate, it is. But for most consumers, it is well worth it to have the people they know, like and trust providing their care. Fiscal intermediaries are organizations that the state has identified which can help to process all of the needed paperwork and support patients and/or caregivers throughout the CDPAP application process and beyond. At Special Touch Home Care, we’ve chosen to become a fiscal intermediary for CDPAP to allow for the most flexible solutions for our clients who require in-home care. Our 40+ years of experience in professional home care along with our competent, caring, and professional staff allow us to give patients and caregivers the support they need. And, we take care of almost all of the paperwork! To learn more about how Special Touch can help you find out if you or a loved one is eligible for CDPAP, or for help navigating the application process, enroll in the CDPAP program online.
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