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5 Tips for Managing Your CDPAP Caregiver (Especially When They’re a Family Member)

by Maria Garza - Special Touch Member CDPAP, or the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, has been a blessing for so many consumers who require assistance to safely or comfortably remain in their homes. But managing your friends, family, or loved ones when they act as your paid caregiver can get complicated. Here are five tips we’ve gathered over the years from some of our current CDPAP participants. Communication is Everything When you have an existing relationship with someone and they become your caregiver, you may have some communication gaps that need to be filled. The sooner you can agree on how you’ll ensure your instructions and needs are clearly being heard, the better. When you hire someone you don’t know, they naturally tend to respond in a subservient way, “yes [...]

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Already on a Medicaid Managed Care Plan? You Need to Know About This Amazing Program

If you, or a loved one, is already enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan and could benefit from in-home assistance or care, you need to know about this amazing program that you might qualify for! But first, did you know that AARP has reported that there are over 40 million unpaid family caregivers in the U.S.? Unpaid family caregivers, on average, spend $6,954 annually on out-of-pocket costs related to caregiving. For an average caregiver, that’s an astounding 20 percent of their annual income. Caregivers are a big part of ensuring a patient can safely and comfortably stay at home while maintaining a high quality of life, shouldn’t we be supporting caregivers and patients better? Thanks to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), caregivers are able to get compensated for [...]

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The Secret to Overcoming Apprehension About In-Home Care (…Is CDPAP)

Imagine for a moment that you're a NASCAR driver. One day at the track, someone you barely know gets into your race car and you have to sit in the passenger seat while they take control of the vehicle. Can you imagine feeling good about that? Certainly not right away. You might feel downright terrified, or just a little apprehensive. Either reaction is totally normal with that kind of loss of control to someone you’re just not sure you can trust. Similarly, it’s normal for those considering in-home care to feel apprehension. Someone you don’t know will come into your space and make an impact. Of course that is an uncomfortable idea. So while in-home care from a stranger is sometimes necessary, and that apprehension can be managed with boundaries, expectations, good care, and good communication... [...]

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I Was a Struggling Caregiver for My Parents. CDPAP Saved the Day

Note: names and identifying details have been changed or withheld to protect patient privacy. I Was a Struggling Caregiver for My Parents. CDPAP Saved the Day. You can call me Jane. I was a caregiver for my parents, and I am telling you my story in hopes that it will help you or someone you know to take better care of a loved one. I am one of four daughters. My dad worked for the same company for as long as I can remember. They gave him commemorative designer pens for work anniversaries and a pension. It's the kind of career people just don't have anymore. My mom was a homemaker and did a ton of volunteer work. They had money saved for retirement, the whole nine yards. My dad did [...]

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5 Ways You Can Help Your Aging Parents Feel Younger

As our parents age, it's easy to assume they can't do certain things anymore. And while you may want to spare your retired mom the burden of hauling a 50-pound bag of dog food home from the store, there's much more to helping an aging parent than doing everything for them. Here are five ways you can help aging parents feel younger. Help Them Stay Engaged in the Community A sense of purpose is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against isolation. It's natural for social circles to get smaller as we age, but helping your parent to stay engaged in the community at some level is a big help. Many organizations around the country and even the greater NYC area help pair seniors with volunteer opportunities. Look for [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose CDPAP Instead of In-Home Aides

In-home care has always been popular, but with thanks to the CDPAP in NY State (and similar programs around the country), it's more practical than ever as well. CDPAP is a Medicaid program that provides services to people with a medical need for skilled nursing services and/or ADLs (activities of daily living). CDPAP stands for "Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program" and it allows consumers to choose their own caregivers from friends, family, neighbors. Caregivers don't need special certifications and are paid for their time and services. Every situation is different, but here are the top 4 reasons people are choosing CDPAP instead of in-home aide services. No "Getting to Know You" Learning Curve When you choose a professional agency to provide in-home services, it means many new people enter your life. [...]

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