Apprehension about in home care

Imagine for a moment that you’re a NASCAR driver.

One day at the track, someone you barely know gets into your race car and you have to sit in the passenger seat while they take control of the vehicle. Can you imagine feeling good about that? Certainly not right away. You might feel downright terrified, or just a little apprehensive. Either reaction is totally normal with that kind of loss of control to someone you’re just not sure you can trust.

Similarly, it’s normal for those considering in-home care to feel apprehension. Someone you don’t know will come into your space and make an impact. Of course that is an uncomfortable idea. So while in-home care from a stranger is sometimes necessary, and that apprehension can be managed with boundaries, expectations, good care, and good communication… there’s an alternative to traditional in-home care, that allows the client to stay in their home: CDPAP.

CDPAP is a program that allows the patient or “Consumer” to choose their caregiver(s) from someone they already know, like, and trust. Often it’s someone who is already supporting them. And, that caregiver does not have to gain any special credentials or certifications to earn an income for the care they provide.

CDPAP is a program specific to New York State and is part of the Medicaid program. (Other states do offer similar programs.) People in need of in-home care, who are eligible for, or already enrolled in, Medicaid are able to take advantage of this alternative in-home care solution.

There are a few key roles to be aware of when considering CDPAP. First, there’s the Consumer. Second, there’s the Designated Representative. This is someone whom has a role similar to (but not identical to) a Power-of-Attorney for their Consumer’s in-home care decisions. They can serve as an advocate for the patient and can make decisions when the patient is unable to. Third, there’s a Fiscal Intermediary. Fiscal Intermediaries are a necessary part of CDPAP, technically you are unable to access the program without first selecting a Fiscal Intermediary. At Special Touch, we are able to bring over four decades of home care experience to assist families and their loved ones. We help Consumers and their CDPAP caregiver(s) with their initial paperwork, we also process caregiver payments accurately and on-time, and can be a resource of advice when needed! Finally, there is the caregiver (or caregivers) who are selected by the consumer and paid for their time and services.

Some of the benefits of CDPAP are more obvious than others. Obviously, you’re choosing people to act as caretakers that you already know, and who already know you. The “getting to know you” curve is eliminated. A less obvious, but very important benefit to CDPAP is that the patient also can choose the tasks and schedule for their caregiver. While many agencies limit certain caretaking activities, for a variety of reasons, CDPAP allows more flexibility to meet individual needs.

To learn more about how Special Touch can help you find out if you or a loved one is eligible for CDPAP, or for help navigating the application process, fill out the form below.

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